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Malayalam Movie Dum

Written by Sanilesh Shivan, and directed by debutant Dinjith Ayyathan, the movie clearly draws its inspiration from the recent Bollywood movieDum Lagake Haisha , with its story of a youth forced into a marriage by his parents, from which he wants to get out because the girl is overweight and because it was against his wishes.

malayalam movie Dum

But here, the makers shift much of the focus on to the advocate and takes it along a different tangent, raising questions on arranged marriages. They seem to want to rock the boat of conservatism a bit, but steps back soon, scared at the prospect, just like advocate Pradeepan, the aspiring candidate in the local elections. Unknowingly, they end up reinforcing the conservative ideas of an ideal wife too, although it might have taken some serious effort to steer the movie another way. It would be interesting to imagine how things would have panned out if Amminippilla were a woman in this case.

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Dum is a 2016 Indian movie directed by Anu Ram starring Shine Tom Chacko, Shritha Sivadas, Lal and Padmaraj Ratheesh. The feature film is produced by Jude Agnel Sudhir and the music composed by Jassie Gift.

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