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Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja Movie Full Hd 720p

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja Movie Full HD 720p

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja is a 1993 Hindi action comedy film starring Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Anupam Kher, Johnny Lever and Jackie Shroff in a special extended role. It was the highest-budget Hindi film at that time, costing 9 crore . The film was directed by Satish Kaushik and written by Javed Akhtar. The film revolves around two childhood sweethearts, Ramesh and Seema, who are separated after their fathers are killed by Jugran, a crime lord. Years later, they reunite as thieves and plan to take revenge on Jugran.

Plot Summary

Jagmohan Lal aka Jugran is a crime lord who wants to climb up the crime ladder. When Customs Officer Verma tries to arrest him, he escapes. To save his skin, Jugran kills his twin brother Manmohan and takes his identity. The world is led to believe that Jugran is still on the run. Jugran kills Mr. Verma and Dr. Ashok, destroying both their families in process. While Verma's orphaned sons Ramesh and Ravi are separated from each other, Dr. Ashok's daughter Seema is left with her distraught mother, who has lost her sanity.

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Many years later, Jugran has become a big name in the criminal underworld. He lives a double life, acting also as his twin brother Manmohan, who is highly respected in society. Ravi Verma meanwhile, has become an Inspector and Ramesh has become a crook a safecracker by the name of Romeo. The brothers are unaware of each other's identities, but there is one thing that binds them together: one has a lock, the other has the only key that can open the lock. Seema too has become a crook, called Simmi, and her path starts crossing with Romeo's. Romeo is now working for Seth Girdharilal, who mentors many thieves and thugs like him.

Only Ravi knows that Jugran killed his father. One day Seema runs into "Manmohan", and realizes that it was he who had killed her father. Jugran himself needs somebody to pull a Rs 100 crore robbery. He meets her (as Jugran) and tells her that he will need her help to involve Romeo in the operation. Simmi hesitates, until Jugran reveals that he knows the identity of her father's murderer. She meets Romeo and tries to seduce him, but Romeo berates her. Simmi reveals her story to him. Romeo is surprised to see Simmi's mother, since it means that Simmi is actually his childhood sweetheart Seema. Now he reveals his true identity to Seema, and the two pair up.

Meanwhile, Ravi too gets an inkling that Jugran is planning something big with the help of Simmi and Romeo. Ravi and Romeo run into each other, only to learn that they are brothers. After many twists and turns, Simmi and Romeo finally succeed in turning over the loot to Jugran.

Cast and Crew



Ramesh Verma / Romeo

Anil Kapoor

Seema Soni / Simmi


Jagmohan Lal / Manmohan Lal / Jugran

Anupam Kher


Paresh Rawal

Ravi Verma

Jackie Shroff

Yashudhara Devi

Bindu Desai

Mrs. Verma

Seema Deo


Satish Kaushik


Javed Akhtar



Reviews and Ratings

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. It was praised for its performances, music, action and comedy, but criticized for its length, plot and direction. The film was a commercial failure at the box office, recovering only half of its budget. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 10 on IMDb and 2.5 out of 5 on ZEE5 .

Where to Watch

The film is available to watch online on ZEE5 in full HD 720p quality. You can also buy or rent the film on YouTube or Google Play Movies . The film is not available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar.


Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja is a classic Hindi film that showcases the chemistry and talent of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. It is a fun-filled entertainer that has action, comedy, romance and drama. The film may have some flaws, but it is still worth watching for its nostalgic value and memorable songs.


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