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Fiat F100 Tractor Repair Manual |TOP|

a hydraulic filter can be changed whenever needed. when changing the hydraulic filter, it is best to do it before the system is in a severely restricted or almost empty condition. the hydraulic filter should be changed on a tractor that is not operating and under no load. if the tractor is operable, then it should be ready for use. when changing the filter, there are six screws that must be removed in the hydraulic filter housing. removing these screws will expose the inlet to the filter and outlet to the hydraulic system.

fiat f100 tractor repair manual

cleaning the hydraulic filter will return the hydraulic system to its fully charged condition. the recommended pressure that is available at the valve, or by reference to a certain tractor model, is 65 psi. if the filter is installed in a location where hydraulic fluid can drain out, the filter can be changed without removing the inlet fitting. at most times, the filter is changed by pulling it out of the existing inlet fitting, or in some cases removing it.

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