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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


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itachi uchiha [4] edit (itachi uchiha) name literal english legendary uchiha warrior father birthplace konohagakure birthplace generation #1, generation #2, generation #3 figure in manga, anime, game data classification kekkei genkai, genjutsu, djutsu nature yin release class supplementary range - all ranges derived jutsu users itachi uchiha is a japanese ninja and the second eldest son of the legendary gennin, the founder of konohagakure, itachi uzumaki and elder brother of sasuke uchiha.

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the manga version of this technique allows the user to make a target follow him at any distance with no interference from the user. [4] the technique cannot make the target do something he or she does not wish to do, and it can only control actions that the target has already decided to do. the target can also tell the user that he or she does not wish to be teleported. [4]

the manga version of this technique is very similar to the anime version of the kotoamatsukami genjutsu. the user will first run up to the target and make the target's surroundings look like a riotous festival. [4] he then makes a fist in front of the target's nose, causing the target to be unable to see anything but the fist. [4] he then runs away, and the target will follow him by itself. [4]


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