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Christmas Family Home

6- Review with your family what the wise men were showing with their gifts (that this baby was their KING and a GOD and that his DEATH was of great significance) = this baby really was the Messiah they were all waiting for.

Christmas Family Home

7- Tell your family that they are now going to have a chance to bring a gift to the baby Jesus. Give everyone an empty sack and tell them that they have 10 minutes to go and find something that shows the significance of Jesus in their lives and who he is to them. Tell them to put that thing in their sack so no one else can know.

This website was founded by Shannon Foster. Shannon taught seminary full-time in Utah for 13 years, she is now at home raising her family and working on this site with her husband along with a full-time team.

Get your family Christmas card squared away early in the season to give you plenty of time to enjoy the Holidays. Stage family members in funny ways, include clever props, and experiment with wardrobes. Are there certain rooms or locations in your home that could create an interesting backdrop? The more creative the better! Feature the finished photo in your annual holiday cards, in text messages to friends, virtual backgrounds for video calls, and emails to extended family.

Sure you could pick up a Christmas tree at the local mega-store or parking lot pop-up, but the holiday season is about creating memories! A fun Christmas activity for families could involve driving out to a Christmas tree farm and hand-selecting the tree that you think will look best in your home. In some cases, you may even need to cut the tree down and transport it back to your car. While the process takes longer, we have a feeling the memory will last a little longer too.

Finding the right Christmas activities for your children can feel stressful. After all, you want them to experience the magic of the season, but many activities are expensive or too time-consuming. The following Christmas activities are not only affordable but something you can do from your home:

Christmas parties are a great way to spend time with friends and family during the Holidays. For inspiration and decoration ideas, make sure to check out our guide on Christmas party themes.

Building a snowman is one of the most classic and fun Christmas activities to make a part of your family traditions. Accessorize the snowman with a hat, scarf, buttons, sticks and more to bring it to life.

Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. Discover thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends.

Do you ever wonder why we have a star on top of the tree or why candy canes are shaped like a hook? As I was thinking about the traditional Christmas items that we love and treasure, it made me wonder if my family knew the stories behind them all. Knowing the background of the Christmas symbols makes them even more meaningful and special.

So, this lesson combines learning with a matching game. Everyone in your family will get to participate and take turns teaching each other. During the game, you will take time out to learn about the special Christmas symbols.

Start the activity with a quick background about symbols and Christmas. Explain that the festive holiday decorations that you have in your home represent a spiritual meaning and they are displayed to be a reminder for us about Jesus.

There are a few of the game pieces that have questions or actions on them. If those cards are made into a set, the player who found them should respond to the question on the card. You could have everyone in your family participate, or just that individual.

Any of the following ideas would be fun to add to your family Christmas lesson. If you want to teach a little more about the meaning of Christmas symbols, besides what is on the Christmas symbols game cards, this is a great resource: Ten Symbols of Christmas.

As you go throughout December and the Holidays, take time as a family to recognize the symbols that you see in your home and out in the community. Make the effort to remember what the symbols represent and share your testimony about the birth of Christ and his redeeming love.

She explained in the comments of the post that the family had left the back door open so their dog could get in and out in the morning. "Little lady must have just wandered in and made herself at home!" McCormick wrote.

"It's not a common event for koalas to wander into peoples homes but it does happen from time to time. They live throughout the Adelaide suburbs now so it is going to happen," Dee Hearne-Hellon, the co-founder of the organization, told CBS News. "We have never had a koala in a Christmas tree before, certainly a first for us."

The female koala, nicknamed Daphne by the family, is about 3 to 4 years old, Hearne-Hellon said. The little creature was healthy and was promptly released back outside into a large gum tree at the front of the family's property.

Hearne-Hellon said koalas found in homes should be left alone, "as they can be quite aggressive when confronted." She suggested people call a local rescue group for assistance if they ever encounter a koala in their house.

Princess Diana's brother Charles has delighted royal fans by revealing a glimpse of the Christmas decorations at the royal's childhood home Althorp House, with a stunning Christmas tree the central focus in the house's enormous saloon.

Charles, whose title is Earl Spencer, is perhaps best known for delivering an emotional and hard-hitting eulogy at his sister's 1997 funeral, in which he appeared to take aim at the press and the royal family for their treatment of the princess who died in a Paris car crash weeks after her 36th birthday.

Charles' speech will be broadcast on Christmas day at 3 p.m. U.K. time (10 a.m. EST). At which time he will be at Sandringham House in Norfolk hosting the traditional royal family Christmas set out by the late-queen.

Do you have a question about King Charles III, William and Kate, Meghan and Harry or their family that you would like our experienced royal correspondents to answer? Email We'd love to hear from you.

If you are struggling with feeling happy in motherhood, let me help you streamline your family's daily routines so you can enjoy your family life without the stress. Yes, really. I've seen my routines work time and time again for parents. I know it can work for you too.

Lizann Lightfoot is "The Seasoned Spouse," a military spouse blogger and mom of 4 kids. In between PCS moves and deployments, she spends her days freelance writing, reading to the kids,and wondering where the family will end up next! Find her at

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If you're having trouble finding a gift the entire fam will love, go for these adorable bear mugs. Each family member can sip their hot beverage of choice and reflect on the love they have for their family.

Even if there's only one chef in the household, the whole family will enjoy the warm, hearty meals that come out of this. The Ayesha Curry-designed dutch oven has hundreds of glowing five-star reviews from home chefs.

Your family photos and videos just got next-level impressive. This drone can literally fit in the palm of your hands. It also comes with a 4K camera that can shoot pictures and videos, and Wifi so you can post on Insta.

Your tech-challenged, caffeine-obsessed fam will love how easy the Nespresso Vertuo is to use. The lid opens and closes with one touch of the lever, and you can start brewing with the press of a single button. It makes high quality lattes, espresso, and coffee in just a few seconds. You'll be the new favorite of the family.

Here's some fun, beachy coffee table decor you can actually use when you're bored. This tic-tac-toe game is a great ice breaker for shy guests or bored family members looking for a few minutes of fun.

Set one year after the events of the first film, Kevin McCallister loses track of his family at the airport to which he accidentally gets on a plane headed for New York City while the rest of the McCallisters fly to Florida. Now alone in one of the largest cities in the world, Kevin cons his way into a room at the Plaza Hotel and begins his usual antics, but when he discovers the burglars that he previously encountered, the Wet Bandits (renamed "Sticky Bandits") Harry Lyme and Marv Murchins who have escaped from prison and are on the loose again, he stops them from robbing the children's hospital charity from an elderly man's (Duncan's Toy Chest) toy store on Christmas Eve by setting up booby traps in his uncle's renovated house.

Home Alone 3 does not center on Kevin or any of the original cast and characters, but still takes place in Chicago and instead on Alex Pruitt, a young boy who is left home alone with chickenpox, but soon recovers. At the same time, four international criminals are sent to steal a top-secret microchip that can act as a cloaking device for a missile. They succeed in stealing it and hide it in a remote controlled car, but due to a luggage mix-up at the airport with the Pruitts' neighbor Mrs. Hess, the car lands in the hands of Alex who is given the car for shoveling the snow in her driveway. The thieves begin systematically searching every house on his street. Once they realize that he has the chip, they prepare to invade his house. He devises elaborate traps and bamboozles the four crooks with the help of his pets and some intricate tripwires, all the while monitoring them with a video camera on the race car. The film was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Remake or Sequel, eventually losing the award to Speed 2: Cruise Control. 041b061a72


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