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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


[S7E8] The Takeback !!LINK!!

Jake: Okay, wait. I mean, obviously I love the premise and I think a reverse heist would make for a great movie and I already have the tag line, "This summer there are takebacks."Doug Judy: Love that.Jake: The poster would be you and me back-to-back with our arms crossed, but no, I'm not onboard with this. I'm a cop.Doug Judy: And a cop's job is to prevent crime and that's what you'd be doing. Please, Jake. For me?Jake: Okay, fine. 'Cause it's your bachelor party and only if I see them put back with my own eyes.Doug Judy: Yes! Deal. Reverse heist, baby.Jake: The Takeback. Coming this fall to HBO.Doug Judy: It's a TV show now?Jake: Well that's where all the best content is.

[S7E8] The Takeback




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