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The Day The Music Died American Pie (2022)

"And I had the beginning of it now. I wrote that first part from 'A long, long time ago' right until 'the day the music died' in one go. I just wrote it as I sang. It came out of my mouth just like that. And I just had to figure out where to take it from there."

The Day the Music Died American Pie (2022)

When you speak of death and you speak of the resurrection of discovery, of what that means, Buddy Holly actually was a poet. And when he, unfortunately, passed away in a plane crash, it really touched Don. And he felt alone because that was the day the music died, in a sense, to him.

It's timeless to me because the melody and the music [are] timeless, and the lyrics are just an epic tale. It's like a poem that doesn't stop. The best of Robert Frost, the best of Shakespeare, are all embodied in the ways that Don McLean wrote his poem called American Pie.

McLean, 76, was inspired to write the song "American Pie" by the 1959 plane crash which killed young rockers Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper). "American Pie" mournfully describes the tragedy as "the day the music died." 041b061a72


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