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Deriv X APK: A Platform for CFD Trading on Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Synthetic Indices

Download Deriv X APK: A Multi-Asset CFD Trading Platform

If you are looking for a versatile and customisable trading platform that offers CFDs on forex, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and synthetics, then you should download Deriv X APK. Deriv X is a new and promising trading app from Deriv, a regulated and trusted broker with over 20 years of experience in the industry. In this article, we will show you the features, benefits, and steps to download and install Deriv X APK on your Android device.

Features of Deriv X APK

Deriv X APK is packed with features that will enhance your trading experience and help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the features that you can enjoy with Deriv X APK:

download deriv x apk

  • Multiple markets on a single platform: Trade various assets in multiple markets simultaneously. You can choose from over 100 tradable assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and synthetics.

  • 24/7 trading: Trade cryptocurrencies and synthetics anytime, even on weekends and holidays. You don't have to worry about market hours or liquidity issues.

  • Bespoke trading experience: Easily customise your trading environment to suit your preferences. You can drag and drop widgets, create your own layouts, and get the information you need, when you need it.

  • Intuitive tools: Keep track of your progress with the dashboard, learn from historical trades with the journal, and create custom watchlists for your favourite assets. You can also use various order types, such as market, limit, stop, and trailing stop orders.

  • Know your margin: You will always be informed of the margin impact on your account before every trade. You can also adjust your leverage and risk management settings according to your strategy.

  • Feature-rich charts: Enjoy multiple chart views, over 90 indicators, and 13 drawing tools. You can also customise your chart settings, such as timeframes, colours, and styles.

How to Download and Install Deriv X APK

Downloading and installing Deriv X APK is easy and fast. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a Deriv account: If you don't have one already, you can sign up for free at . You will need to provide some personal details, such as your name, email address, country of residence, and phone number. You will also need to verify your identity and address by uploading some documents.

  • Step 2: Add a Deriv X demo or real account: Once you have signed up for a Der iv account, you can add a Deriv X demo or real account by clicking on the "Add or manage account" button on the top right corner of the website. You can choose from three account types: Standard, Advanced, and Synthetic. Each account type has different leverage, margin, and asset availability.

  • Step 3: Scan the QR code or visit the download page: To download Deriv X APK, you can either scan the QR code on the website or visit . You will be redirected to a page where you can download the APK file.

  • Step 4: Allow installation from unknown sources: Before you can install Deriv X APK, you need to enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device. To do this, go to your device settings, then security, then toggle on the option to allow installation from unknown sources.

  • Step 5: Open the app and start trading: After you have installed Deriv X APK, you can open the app and log in with your Deriv credentials. You will be able to access your Deriv X accounts and start trading on the app.

Benefits of Trading with Deriv X APK

Trading with Deriv X APK has many advantages that will make your trading journey more enjoyable and rewarding. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect with Deriv X APK:

  • Regulated and trusted broker: Deriv is licensed and regulated by multiple authorities, such as the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC). You can trade with confidence knowing that your funds are secure and your transactions are transparent.

  • Zero commission and low spreads: Deriv X APK does not charge any commission or fees for trading. You only pay the spread, which is the difference between the buy and sell prices of an asset. Deriv X APK offers competitive spreads that start from as low as 0.5 pips for forex pairs.

  • Demo account with virtual funds: If you are new to CFD trading or want to test your strategies without risking real money, you can use a demo account with virtual funds. You can switch between demo and real accounts anytime on the app.

  • Customer support and education resources: Deriv X APK provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. You can also access a variety of education resources, such as articles, videos, webinars, and guides, to help you learn more about CFD trading and improve your skills.


Deriv X APK is a multi-asset CFD trading platform that offers a bespoke trading experience for traders of all levels. You can trade various assets in multiple markets on a single platform, enjoy 24/7 trading, customise your trading environment, use intuitive tools, know your margin, and access feature-rich charts. You can also benefit from trading with a regulated and trusted broker that offers zero commission, low spreads, demo account, customer support, and education resources. To download Deriv X APK, simply sign up for a Deriv account, add a Deriv X account, scan the QR code or visit the download page, allow installation from unknown sources, and open the app. Start trading with Deriv X APK today and experience the difference!


  • What is CFD trading?: CFD stands for contract for difference. It is a type of trading where you speculate on the price movements of an underlying asset without owning it. You can profit from both rising and falling markets by going long (buying) or short (selling) a CFD.

  • What are the minimum and maximum trade sizes on Deriv X?: The minimum trade size on Deriv X is 0.01 lot for forex and commodities, 1 unit for stocks and indices, 0.1 unit for cryptocurrencies, and 1 contract for synthetics. The maximum trade size depends on your account type, leverage, margin, and asset availability.

  • How can I deposit and withdraw funds on Deriv X?: You can deposit and withdraw funds on Deriv X using various payment methods, such as bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, e-wallets (such as Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay), and cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum). The minimum deposit amount is $5 for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, $10 for credit/debit cards, and $25 for bank wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, $10 for credit/debit cards, and $25 for bank wire transfer. The processing time varies depending on the payment method, but it usually takes less than 24 hours for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, 3 to 5 business days for credit/debit cards, and 5 to 8 business days for bank wire transfer.

  • What are the trading hours on Deriv X?: The trading hours on Deriv X depend on the market and asset you are trading. Forex and commodities are available 24/5 from Monday to Friday, stocks and indices are available according to their respective market hours, cryptocurrencies are available 24/7, and synthetics are available 24/7 except for Volatility Indices which are available 23/7 (closed from 10:00 to 11:00 GMT daily).

  • How can I contact Deriv support?: You can contact Deriv support via live chat, email, or phone. You can also visit the help center or the community forum for more information and assistance. The support team is available 24/7 and speaks multiple languages.


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