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Super Pose Book

Super Pose Book: A Useful Resource for Artists and Illustrators

If you are an artist or an illustrator who wants to improve your skills in drawing human figures, you might want to check out the Super Pose Book series. These books are collections of photographs of various models in different poses, outfits, and scenarios. They are designed to provide you with a reference for drawing realistic and dynamic characters.


What is Super Pose Book?

Super Pose Book is a series of books published by Cosmic Publishing, a Japanese company that specializes in art and design books. The series started in 2013 and has since released over 40 volumes, covering different themes and genres. Some of the popular topics include nudity, variety, fantasy, action, sexy, men, women, couples, and more.

The books feature photographs of professional models in various poses, angles, and expressions. The models are usually dressed in costumes or outfits that match the theme of the book, such as school uniforms, swimsuits, lingerie, maid outfits, etc. Some books also include props and accessories, such as weapons, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. The photographs are taken in studio settings or outdoor locations, depending on the mood and atmosphere of the book.

The books are intended to be used as a reference for artists and illustrators who want to draw human figures with accuracy and realism. The books provide a visual guide for anatomy, proportion, perspective, lighting, shading, and composition. The books also offer inspiration for creating original characters and scenes based on the models and their poses.

How to Use Super Pose Book?

There are many ways to use Super Pose Book as a resource for your art and illustration projects. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the books as a reference for sketching or drawing human figures. You can copy the poses directly or modify them to suit your style and preference. You can also combine elements from different poses or books to create your own unique pose.

  • Use the books as a reference for coloring or painting human figures. You can study the colors, tones, shadows, highlights, and textures of the models and their outfits. You can also experiment with different color schemes and effects based on the mood and theme of the book.

  • Use the books as a reference for designing characters or costumes. You can use the models as a base for creating your own original characters or redesigning existing ones. You can also use the outfits and accessories as a source of ideas for designing your own clothing or props.

  • Use the books as a reference for creating scenes or stories. You can use the models and their poses as a starting point for imagining scenarios or narratives. You can also use the locations and backgrounds as a backdrop for setting the scene or creating the atmosphere.

Where to Buy Super Pose Book?

If you are interested in buying Super Pose Book, you have several options:

  • You can buy the books online from [Amazon] or [Anime Books]. These websites offer a wide selection of Super Pose Book titles in Japanese language. You can also find some English translations of some volumes.

  • You can buy the books from local bookstores or comic shops that sell Japanese art and design books. You might need to ask around or do some research to find out which stores carry Super Pose Book in your area.

  • You can borrow the books from libraries or friends who have them. This is a good way to try out the books before buying them or to save some money if you only need them occasionally.


Super Pose Book is a useful resource for artists and illustrators who want to improve their skills in drawing human figures. The books offer a variety of poses, outfits, scenarios, and genres that can help you create realistic and dynamic characters. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can benefit from using Super Pose Book as a reference for your art and illustration projects.


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