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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)


Savior [v0.12 Beta] [2021]

v0.7 beta-452 Renders-7 Animations (There is a clothing error in one of the animations. It will be fixed after the beta release.)-New Storyline With Amber-New Storyline With Daisy and Olivia-Main Storyline Progress (With this update, new possibilities will open for most of the main characters)

Savior [v0.12 Beta]


i dont think u understand... some games end in less than 15 min. for trick is to buy a hk before building a merc and rush te poor noob who is trying to save for stalkers or whatever. he uses the savior and i send another wave before hk dies. by this time i have a merc. savior again this time mercs and whats everytime and thats 5-7 min of gameplay....poor bastards dont have a chance to upgrade or build a merc. and if they do manage to build one, i have two hk and its gone. repeat with other team and game is over in 15 min or less. and thats with teammate still trying to take high ground. only thing that slows that tactic down is being attacked while ur busy or someon else does it to you. which has happend and its becoming a trend...u may not have seen it yet but its there.there should be timer on the heros or make the lowest hero 800 and up. if u dont belive me try it..better yet u and teamate do same thing and game ends really quick.

v0.5 Hey guys! We are about to finish things up with version 0.5 so, this is our last progress report before the release day. This version will include 530 renders (Could be more. We will see how things will go after the beta test.)and, 9 animations (Again, could be more). 041b061a72


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