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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)


A Thing Of Beauty!

A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This famous line from John Keats' poem Endymion expresses the idea that beauty is eternal and transcends time and space. But what is beauty? How do we define it? And why do we value it so much?

Beauty is a subjective concept that depends on the perception and preferences of the observer. What one person finds beautiful may not appeal to another. However, there are some universal aspects of beauty that most people can agree on, such as symmetry, harmony, proportion, and balance. These are the principles that guide the creation of art, architecture, design, and music.


Beauty is also a source of pleasure and inspiration for human beings. It can evoke positive emotions, such as happiness, awe, wonder, and gratitude. It can also stimulate our creativity and imagination, as we try to capture, express, or enhance the beauty we see in nature or in human-made objects. Beauty can also motivate us to seek knowledge and understanding, as we try to discover the meaning and purpose behind the beauty we encounter.

Beauty is not only a physical or aesthetic quality, but also a moral and spiritual one. Beauty can reflect the values and virtues of a person or a culture, such as goodness, truth, justice, and love. Beauty can also inspire us to act ethically and compassionately, as we recognize the beauty in ourselves and in others. Beauty can also connect us to something greater than ourselves, such as nature, art, or God.

In conclusion, beauty is a multifaceted phenomenon that has many dimensions and implications. Beauty is not only a thing of sight, but also of mind and heart. Beauty is not only a thing of the present, but also of the past and future. Beauty is not only a thing of joy, but also of responsibility and duty. Beauty is indeed a thing of beauty.


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