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How to Access and Use the NCC 2019 Online Edition

How to Download NCC 2019 and Why You Should Do It

If you are involved in the building industry, you need to be familiar with the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC is Australia's primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings. It sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings.

download ncc 2019

The NCC is updated every three years by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), on behalf of the Australian Government and each State and Territory government. The latest edition, NCC 2019, came into effect on 1 May 2020 (except for ACT, which adopted it on 1 June 2020).

In this article, we will explain what NCC 2019 is, what are its benefits, how to download it for free, and how to compare it with previous versions. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of this important code and how it affects your building projects.

What is NCC 2019 and What are its Benefits?

NCC 2019 is the latest edition of the National Construction Code

NCC 2019 is the fourth edition of the code since it was first introduced in 2011. It consists of three volumes:

  • Volume One covers Class 2 to Class 9 buildings (multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings)

  • Volume Two covers Class 1 and Class 10 buildings (residential and non-habitable buildings)

  • Volume Three covers plumbing and drainage for all classes of buildings

NCC 2019 also includes four ABCB standards that are an integral part of the code:

How to download ncc 2019 for free

Download ncc 2019 volume one pdf

Download ncc 2019 housing provisions

Download ncc 2019 amendment 1

Download ncc 2019 guide to volume one

Download ncc 2019 volume two excel

Download ncc 2019 energy efficiency provisions

Download ncc 2019 volume three online

Download ncc 2019 condensation management handbook

Download ncc 2019 tutor videos

Download ncc 2019 thermal bridging calculator

Download ncc 2019 fire safety requirements

Download ncc 2019 accessibility provisions

Download ncc 2019 performance solutions template

Download ncc 2019 plumbing code of Australia

Download ncc 2019 waterproofing standards

Download ncc 2019 stairway and ramp construction guidelines

Download ncc 2019 specialist disability accommodation classification

Download ncc 2019 building fabric specifications

Download ncc 2019 sanitary plumbing systems design

Download ncc 2019 complete series zip file

Download ncc 2019 CPD courses

Download ncc 2019 construction of exits checklist

Download ncc 2019 health and amenity provisions

Download ncc 2019 safe movement and access requirements

Benefits of downloading ncc 2019 for builders and designers

How to register and download ncc 2019 from ABCB website[^1^]

How to update from previous versions of NCC to NCC 2019[^2^]

How to comply with NCC 2019 in Victoria[^3^] [^5^]

How to apply NCC 2019 thermal bridging requirements[^4^]

  • NatHERS heating and cooling load limits

  • Whole-of-home efficiency factors

  • Livable housing design

  • Fire safety verification method

NCC 2019 provides minimum requirements for building design and construction

The main purpose of the NCC is to ensure that buildings are safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable. The code does this by providing minimum performance requirements that must be met by building practitioners. These requirements cover aspects such as:

  • Structural adequacy

  • Fire resistance

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water efficiency

  • Sound insulation

  • VentilationLight

  • Sanitation

  • Accessibility

  • Occupant safety

The NCC also provides various options for demonstrating compliance with the performance requirements. These include:

  • Deemed-to-satisfy solutions, which are prescriptive methods that are deemed to meet the performance requirements

  • Performance solutions, which are alternative methods that can be shown to meet the performance requirements using evidence and analysis

  • Verification methods, which are tests, calculations or other methods that can be used to verify that a performance solution meets the performance requirements

  • Expert judgement, which is the opinion of a suitably qualified person who can assess whether a performance solution meets the performance requirements

NCC 2019 offers many benefits for building practitioners and consumers

NCC 2019 is not only a regulatory document, but also a valuable resource for building professionals and consumers. Some of the benefits of NCC 2019 are:

  • It promotes innovation and flexibility in building design and construction by allowing performance-based solutions

  • It enhances the quality and consistency of building outcomes by providing clear and comprehensive guidance and standards

  • It supports the competitiveness and productivity of the building industry by reducing unnecessary costs and red tape

  • It improves the environmental and social sustainability of buildings by incorporating energy efficiency, water efficiency, livable housing design and fire safety measures

  • It protects the health, safety and welfare of building occupants and users by addressing potential hazards and risks

  • It facilitates the harmonisation and coordination of building regulations across Australia by providing a uniform code that applies nationally

How to Download NCC 2019 for Free?

You need to register on the ABCB website to access NCC 2019 online

The easiest way to access NCC 2019 is to use the online edition on the ABCB website. The online edition allows you to view, search, print and download the code and its associated documents. You can also access interactive features such as pop-up definitions, diagrams, tables and calculators.

To use the online edition, you need to register on the ABCB website. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. You will need to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, organisation and occupation. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. After you activate your account, you can log in to the ABCB website and access NCC 2019 online.

You can download PDF copies of NCC 2019 volumes and standards

If you prefer to have offline copies of NCC 2019, you can download PDF versions of the code volumes and standards from the ABCB website. You will need to be registered and logged in to do this. You can find the download links under the Resources tab on the NCC 2019 page.

The PDF copies are identical to the online edition, except that they do not have interactive features. You can save them on your computer or mobile device, or print them for your reference. However, you should note that the PDF copies may not reflect any amendments or updates that may occur after their publication. Therefore, you should always check the ABCB website for the latest version of NCC 2019.

You can also purchase printed copies of NCC 2019 from commercial providers

If you want to have hard copies of NCC 2019, you can purchase them from commercial providers who are authorised by the ABCB. You can find a list of these providers on the ABCB website under the Resources tab on the NCC 2019 page.

The printed copies are similar to the PDF copies, except that they are bound in books or folders. You can order them online or by phone from the providers, and they will deliver them to your address. However, you should note that the printed copies may be more expensive than the online or PDF copies, and they may also not reflect any amendments or updates that may occur after their publication. Therefore, you should always check the ABCB website for the latest version of NCC 2019.

How to Compare NCC 2019 with Previous Versions?

You can use the NCC Online edition to view the current and previous versions of the code

If you want to compare NCC 2019 with previous versions of the code, such as NCC 2016 or NCC 2014, you can use the NCC Online edition on the ABCB website. The online edition allows you to switch between different editions of the code using a drop-down menu at the top of the page. You can also use the compare mode to see the differences between two editions side by side. You can access the compare mode by clicking on the compare icon on the top right corner of the page.

The NCC Online edition allows you to view and compare the following editions of the code:

  • NCC 2019

  • NCC 2016

  • NCC 2014

  • NCC 2012

  • NCC 2011

You can use the transition table to see the changes between NCC 2016 and NCC 2019

If you want to see the specific changes that occurred between NCC 2016 and NCC 2019, you can use the transition table provided by the ABCB. The transition table is a spreadsheet that lists all the clauses, tables, figures and references that have been added, deleted or amended in NCC 2019. You can download the transition table from the ABCB website under the Resources tab on the NCC 2019 page.

The transition table is divided into three worksheets, one for each volume of NCC 2019. Each worksheet has four columns:

  • Clause: The clause number or identifier in NCC 2019

  • Change: The type of change that occurred (addition, deletion or amendment)

  • Summary: A brief description of the change and its rationale

Reference: The corresponding clause number or identifier in NCC 2016</


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