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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)


Original Video Two Guys One Horse

The first thing to consider when signing up for a horseback riding trip is the horse. The horse is the tool to be ridden, but is only half the tool when it comes to the lesson. The horse must be comfortable around people. The safety of the horse is very important. Horses will react to fear or aggression in people, and these horses are often mistreated. The horse must be able to trust, and be patient. It is important to review the horse's file. An experienced horse person will tell you about the mood swings of a particular horse.

Original Video Two Guys One Horse

The second thing to consider when signing up for a horseback riding trip is the safety of the rider. It is very important to have a helmet and some other form of safety gear such as a seat belt or safety parachute to protect the rider if something goes wrong.

The third thing to consider is that you will not be an expert rider within just one day of riding. When you first start horseback riding, make sure that your horse is in good shape, and that you are a good rider. You will be surprised at the amount of horse that you need to get more comfortable with. People are not the same as horses, and horses are not the same as people. This is one of the first lessons you will learn when you first begin riding. You will learn about the horses, but you will need to practice like crazy to master the basics.

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