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Experience the Thrill of CarX Street on Play Store - Realistic Physics, Stunning Graphics, and Dynamic Open World

CarX Street: A New Racing Game on Google Play Store

If you are a fan of street racing games, you might want to check out CarX Street, a new game from CarX Technologies, the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2. CarX Street is an open beta test game that lets you embrace the freedom of being a street racer in the dynamic open world of Sunset City. You can compete with other players, join clubs, defeat bosses, customize your cars, and explore every corner of the city. In this article, we will review the features, gameplay, graphics, and pros and cons of CarX Street.

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Features of CarX Street

CarX Street has many features that make it an exciting and realistic racing game. Here are some of them:

Career Mode

  • You can immerse yourself in the world of street racing by following the story mode. You will have to challenge different clubs, reveal the activities of secret organizations, and become the legend of Sunset City. You will also make new friends who can help you in your endeavors.

Car Tuning

  • You can build the car of your dreams using part tuning that unlocks all the physics of CarX Technology car behavior. You can swap parts and trick out your car for a specific race. You can also upgrade the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires. You can also customize the appearance of your car with different mirrors, headlights, lights, skirts, bumpers, rims, and more.

Realistic Physics

  • CarX Street boasts of having realistic physics and controls that make you feel the power and speed of your car. You can drift through turns, accelerate on highways, and brake on city streets. You can also adjust your vehicle to make sure it drives the way you want it.

Online Racing

You can compete with other players for the first place in online races. You can move up to the next league by winning and face new competitors and challenges every season. You can also show off your skills and cars to other racers.

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Different Game Modes

  • You can choose from different game modes to suit your preferences. You can select Time Attack, race to stay in the pack or complete your run without a scratch. You can also play as a police officer and catch offenders on the road. You can also enjoy free ride mode where you can drive without any restrictions.

Dynamic Day/Night Cycle

  • You can experience different times of day and night in CarX Street. You can drive around Paris in the evening or blow dust off night Texas roads. The game has impressive graphics and lighting effects that create a realistic atmosphere.

Unique Events

  • You can participate in unique events and receive unique cars as rewards. You can also buy houses for your cars and assemble collections for every race mode. You can also fuel up with the right gas for the next race at city gas stations.

Gameplay of CarX Street

The gameplay of CarX Street is simple and intuitive. You can use the virtual buttons on the screen to steer, accelerate, brake, drift, and nitro. You can also change the camera angle and view your car from different perspectives. You can also access the map, settings, garage, shop, and menu from the screen.

The game has different missions and challenges that you have to complete to progress in the story mode. You will have to race against other drivers, escape from police chases, deliver packages, and more. You will also earn money and reputation points that you can use to buy and upgrade your cars.

Graphics of CarX Street

The graphics of CarX Street are stunning and detailed. The game has high-quality textures, shadows, reflections, smoke effects, and animations that create a realistic environment. The game also has diverse locations that range from deserts to cities to forests. The game also has weather effects such as rain, snow, fog, and wind that affect the driving conditions. Pros and Cons of CarX Street

CarX Street is a fun and addictive racing game that has many positive aspects. However, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some of the pros and cons of CarX Street:



- Realistic physics and controls

- Requires a lot of storage space and RAM

- Diverse and detailed graphics

- May have bugs and glitches in the beta version

- Various game modes and events

- May have in-app purchases and ads

- Online racing and social features

- May drain battery and data quickly

- Car tuning and customization

- May be difficult to earn money and reputation points


CarX Street is a new racing game on Google Play Store that offers a thrilling and realistic experience of street racing. You can enjoy the features, gameplay, graphics, and pros and cons of CarX Street by downloading it for free from the link below. However, keep in mind that the game is still in the open beta test stage, so it may not be perfect yet. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the developers, you can contact them through their official website or social media pages. CarX Street is a game that will keep you hooked for hours, so don't miss this opportunity to join the street racing community.


What are the system requirements for CarX Street?

  • The minimum system requirements for CarX Street are Android 6.0 or higher, 4 GB of RAM, and 1.5 GB of free storage space. The recommended system requirements are Android 8.0 or higher, 6 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of free storage space.

How can I get more money and reputation points in CarX Street?

  • You can get more money and reputation points by completing missions, challenges, events, races, and deliveries. You can also get them by watching ads, joining clubs, defeating bosses, and buying them with real money.

How can I join a club or create my own club in CarX Street?

  • You can join a club or create your own club by tapping on the club icon on the screen. You can search for existing clubs by name, tag, or rating. You can also create your own club by choosing a name, tag, logo, description, and settings. You can invite other players to join your club or accept requests from them.

How can I play with my friends or other players in CarX Street?

  • You can play with your friends or other players by tapping on the online icon on the screen. You can choose from different online modes such as Time Attack, Police Chase, Free Ride, or Custom Race. You can also chat with other players using voice or text messages.

How can I report a bug or a problem in CarX Street?

  • You can report a bug or a problem in CarX Street by tapping on the settings icon on the screen. You can choose the feedback option and fill out the form with your email address, device model, game version, problem description, and screenshots if possible. You can also contact the developers through their official website or social media pages.


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