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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


Three Body Problem Cixin Liu Pdf Free

The series portrays a fictional past, present and future where, in the first book, Earth encounters an alien civilization in a nearby star system that consists of three solar-type stars orbiting each other in an unstable three-body system.

Three Body Problem Cixin Liu Pdf Free

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The society attracts numerous scientists, minor government officials, and other educated people who are disappointed with world affairs. They assemble a private army and build small nuclear weapons. However, Evans retains control of most resources and starts to alter and withhold alien messages from Ye and others. Furthermore, the society splits into factions, with the Adventists (led by Evans) seeking complete destruction of humanity by the Trisolarans, and the Redemptionists (led by Shen Yufei) seeking to help the Trisolarans to find a computational solution to the three-body problem, which plagues their planet. A third, smaller faction, the Survivors, intend to help the Trisolarans in exchange for their own descendants' lives while the rest of humanity dies.

Wei Cheng is Shen Yufei's husband and a math genius. He doesn't appear to have a job, but he does personal research on laboratory-level machinery from home. Wei Cheng is described as around 40 years old with the "look of a staid, honest intellectual." Despite his unassuming appearance, Wei is a prominent target of the Adventists within the ETO, because if he achieves his mathematical solution to the three-body problem, Trisolarans will not need to invade Earth.

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