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The Inmates Are Running The Asylum [BETTER]

The most recent example in the news is Herschel Walker, the former football star running for the United States Senate in Georgia. Faced with overwhelming evidence of him being guilty of domestic violence, paying for an abortion (which he denies), and abandoning his fathered children (for which there can be no denial), Republicans still are 100% behind him. I understand the rationale. If they lose Walker, they will likely not control the Senate, so this is just one of those decisions you see depicted in the movies all the time. Are you willing to sell your soul for near-term gain?

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

While it is easy to blame the politicians, we only have ourselves to blame. We are the ones that have accepted this new reality where loyalty to a party comes at almost any cost. We have abdicated our role as guardians of integrity in our candidates and left it to the inmates (the politicians) to run the asylum.

NFL is a legal Monopoly and imo the players are private contractors with limited rights as colleges are part of the scheme. They need to end the Monopoly and open up pro ball to other companies and then maybe these asylum will either get shutdown or start recognizing the players as equal partners.

ponarona says:October 27, 2017 at 11:25 amNFL is a legal Monopoly and imo the players are private contractors with limited rights as colleges are part of the scheme. They need to end the Monopoly and open up pro ball to other companies and then maybe these asylum will either get shutdown or start recognizing the players as equal partners.

ponarona says:October 27, 2017 at 11:25 amNFL is a legal Monopoly and imo the players are private contractors with limited rights as colleges are part of the scheme. They need to end the Monopoly and open up pro ball to other companies and then maybe these asylum will either get shutdown or start recognizing the players as equal partners.They are NOT equal partners and they never will be. The partners mantra only comes up when the CBA is due and it only refers to money. Whenever responsibility enters the partners equation the union runs and hides. They do not want a true partnership; they want more money.

Players are far from running the show. NFL has the weakest players union and article 46 gives the commissioner close to absolute power. And the owners also have power over the cities they do business in by holding them hostage to shake down taxpayers for expensive stadiums.

For more on the film and/or to watch it online, visit the website *NOTE: also take a listen to either of the two community radio interviews that were sparked around our screening of the film in Ottawa:

If there were ever an example of the inmates running the asylum, it is the U.N. Human Rights Council. This body has whitewashed the human rights record of some of the world's most repressive regimes, while also providing them with a forum to ruminate on and condemn the actions of a free and open nation, Israel.

Basically, the "inmates" take over the asylum. Sometimes this leads to good things and produces some damned good stories, but other times, the same kinds of motivations and factors that lead to the creation of bad fanfic come into play, to the detriment of the series in general. Sometimes some editors are on hand to curb the worst of it, but other times, things just go Off the Rails.

Though owners continued arguing, later on, NFL executive Troy Vincent, a former player, reportedly called McNair's statement offensive. According to the report, McNair later took Vincent aside and apologized, saying he felt "terrible" for the comment and only meant to use a popular idiom, not reflect players as "inmates."

45 years of poker playing all around the world, and I cannot recall having been in a worse run poker room in all that time.When entering a poker room for the first time, I always make sure to familiarize myself with the local rules, as poker room rules unfortunately vary greatly around the globe.This club has a list of their most important rules hanging on the wall. One of them is "no rabbit hunting," which is a common rule, and for good reason. It took but 2 minutes into my first session before this rule was broken.Dealers were asked to show flops, the next card etc. all the time, and continuing throughout the night to oblige without blinking.Another rule posted is "one player to a hand," which happens to be another universal poker rule, and again for extremely good reasons. Holy crap.Throughout the night players were showing cards to each other during play, even showing cards to other players not involved in a pot, and DISCUSSING STRATEGY with said players while hand in progress!!!Dealers never blinked or said ANYTHING!Mind you, that even though it was "only", a $1-$3 game, this club allows buy-ins up to $1,000, and even allows you to match the biggest stack on the table. As such this game plays huge, and there was upwards of TEN GRAND at the table at one point!It should however not make any difference how much money is in play, it is the club's responsibility to protect the integrity of the game ESPECIALLY when it is not their money that is in play.Besides these horrible failures, the usual array of players folding out of turn, not knowing it is their turn, and the dealers being involved in conversations left and right, paying ZERO attention to the game, let alone controlling it in any way was all to prevalent.On top of all this, the room is quite filthy, floormen running around chewing food while performing their duties, bathrooms are filthy, and the neighborhood in which the club is located is so bad that UBER refused to pick me up at 3am!!In fact there was an armed robbery attempt at the club in January!The worst thing, of course, is that this review will most likely have ZERO effect on the way management will run this room in the future.So if you like to play poker in The Wild, Wild West where the inmates are running the asylum, where everything goes, and you are sure to feel unsafe, then Legends is your place.GOOD RIDDANCE!

Imagine, at a terrifyingly aggressive rate, everything you regularly use is being equipped with computer technology. Think about your phone, cameras, cars - everything - being automated and programmed by people who in their rush to accept the many benefits of the silicon chip, have abdicated their responsibility to make these products easy to use. The Inmates are Running the Asylum argues that, despite appearances, business executives are simply not the ones in control of the high-tech industry. They have inadvertently put programmers and engineers in charge, leading to products and processes that waste money, squander customer loyalty, and erode competitive advantage. Business executives have let the inmates run the asylum! In his book The Inmates Are Running the Asylum Alan Cooper calls for revolution - we need technology to work in the same way average people think - we need to restore the sanity. He offers a provocative, insightful and entertaining explanation of how talented people continuously design bad software-based products. More importantly, he uses his own work with companies big and small to show how to harness those talents to create products that will both thrill their users and grow the bottom line.

This work offers a summary of the book "THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore the Sanity" by Alan Cooper.Alan Cooper is the founder of Cooper Interaction Design, a consulting firm that develops interactive product designs for high-tech companies.Computer technology is embedded within almost every product that is manufactured. Yet all too often, these ''new-and-improved'' products are hard to use because the engineers who are developing the interface between the user and the machine don't think like the average man-on-the-street who knows nothing about technology. Therefore, the situation effectively becomes the equivalent of letting the inmates run the asylum in which they are incarcerated.Better products which work the same way average people think need to be developed. Only then will new products deliver on their implied promise of enhancing the quality of life for their users. According to Alan Cooper, designers who are skilled in this specific field should be responsible for designing the interface between the user and the machine.In The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, Alan Cooper asserts that the goal of computer usage should be "not to make anyone feel stupid." This well-written book makes us rethink entrenched priorities in software planning. more Format ebook

In his seminal book `The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy And How To Restore The Sanity' [2004, Sams Indianapolis, IN, USA], Alan Cooper argues that a major reason why software is often poorly designed (from a user perspective) is that programmers are in charge of design decisions, rather than interaction designers. As a result, programmers design software for themselves, rather than for their target audience, a phenomenon he refers to as the `inmates running the asylum'. This paper argues that explainable AI risks a similar fate. While the re-emergence of explainable AI is positive, this paper argues most of us as AI researchers are building explanatory agents for ourselves, rather than for the intended users. But explainable AI is more likely to succeed if researchers and practitioners understand, adopt, implement, and improve models from the vast and valuable bodies of research in philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science, and if evaluation of these models is focused more on people than on technology. From a light scan of literature, we demonstrate that there is considerable scope to infuse more results from the social and behavioural sciences into explainable AI, and present some key results from these fields that are relevant to explainable AI. 350c69d7ab


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