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Best Mailbox To Buy

Our top choice is the Architectural Mailboxes Oasis 360 Locking Parcel Mailbox. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the comprehensive design has dual-access lockable doors and promises year-round rust resistance in any weather. But if you're interested in something more affordable, the Gibraltar Mailboxes Grayson Post Mount Mailbox is a solid choice and is also weather-resistant. For those looking for a mailbox and post combo, we recommend the stylish and durable Gibraltar Mailboxes Stratford All-in-One Mailbox.

best mailbox to buy

Though plastic is generally waterproof, metal tends to be a slightly better choice for mailboxes. The most durable designs are typically made of galvanized steel or powder-coated aluminum, both of which are resistant to rust and corrosion, holding up exceptionally well in various climates.

Aluminum is a rust-resistant material, making it a top choice for residential mailboxes. But if you're concerned about weather damage, a powder-coated model can offer extra protection from the elements.

The standard size for curbside mailboxes is roughly 13 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 16 inches deep. Community lockboxes and mounted models are often smaller. A more compact design might not fit parcels, in which case your mail carrier will typically place them on your doorstep. To ensure that your packages are secure within your mailbox, go with a large-capacity lockable design.

Why You Should Get It: For homeowners who want to turn their mailbox into a front-yard focal point, this decorative post option feels like a piece of garden art with its intricate hummingbird-in-the-flowers pattern.

Follow U.S. Postal Service guidelines for installing and placing a new mailbox at your home. Get tips on the best materials to use to set up a curbside mailbox and how to keep it in good condition. Make sure that your mail carrier always has a clear path to your mailbox whether it's by the street or mounted on your house.

A mailbox with the Postmaster General's (PMG) seal of approval meets USPS size and construction standards. If you build your own mailbox or buy a custom-made one, it must meet the PMG standards. Show your local postmaster your mailbox plans or your custom-made box for approval.

You'll never mistakenly receive your neighbors' mail again with a mailbox that's customized with your address. To personalize this option, fill out an order form after purchasing to receive two address plaques that you can place on the sides.

This mailbox and post combo makes for a great first impression to your home. Elegant scrolls down the center of the post give it some character, while a medium capacity mailbox is just the right size for a day's worth of letters and pamphlets.

Okay, hear us out: We absolutely love this adorable barn mailbox. It is made by craftsmen in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country and features such a sweet design. What better way to welcome people to your farm than with a barn posted right at the head of your driveway?

From small packages to menus to magazine subscriptions, your mail goes beyond just letters. Get a mailbox that can handle heavy loads, so that everything can securely fit in without the risk of falling out and flying away.

Admit it: Lately your online shopping habit has been out of control. If what comes in the mail is more important to you than your actual mailbox, this affordable wall-mounted option is a steal for the money.

Metal mailboxes may look great, but many of them will rust over the years. This affordable plastic option is coated with a UV inhibitor that protects its white finish from weathering, so it'll stand the test of time without rusting or deteriorating.

How adorable is this old-timey wood mailbox? It features a lock to prevent mail-identity theft and a baffle door to deter fishing, so your parcels and letters will be completely safe. It does require a post (not included), but luckily this wooden option matches perfectly.

Few joys compare to that of a good mail day. You know the type. The days you receive an unexpected, heartfelt note from a friend or that highly-anticipated package. Good mail days are happy days and we must protect them at all costs. And that's where a new mailbox comes in.

In style and grace, this patio suggests design elements to be discovered inside. A black mounted mailbox, house numbers and wall sconce stand in stark relief over the softly whitewashed brick exterior. A contemporary Dutch door in a washed wood provides a sneak peek.

Shop for Security: Keep your private documents and pricey packages safe from sticky fingers with a locking mailbox. There are serval locking mechanisms on the market, such as keyed locks, wafer locks, baffle doors and anti-pick systems. Locking mailboxes are available in wall-mounted, post-mounted and freestanding variations to best suit your needs and style.

Consider Location: Determine where you plan to install your new mailbox. Will your mailbox be open to the elements (and passersby) at the end of your driveway or wall-mounted by your front door under the covered porch? Use the location as your guide to select the best material for your mailbox and the privacy levels it requires for your peace of mind.

Find Your Style: Embrace your architecture with a mailbox that shares similar lines and finishes. Modern and midcentury homes will look dapper with sleek, horizontal mailboxes, while a traditional Georgian home will wow with a freestanding columned design.

Classic and customized? Add this top-rated colonial wall-mounted mailbox to your cart ASAP. The refined receptacle shines on traditional porches and comes complete with a free cast monogram and address number. The rust-resistant aluminum design comes in six timeless finishes, too.

The Emily Mailbox from Rejuvenation combines polished lines with practical functionality. The understated envelope design features a discreet locking mechanism for the main compartment, plus an oversized mail tube for magazine and newspaper deliveries. Each mailbox is steel-crafted and finished with a powder coating to keep your goodies safe and dry no matter the forecast. Snag the black design to pop against your painted brick or grab the white finish to complement your snowy exterior trim.

Pretty up your farmhouse front porch with this charming metal mailbox from Pottery Barn. The envelope-style box mounts to your exterior wall and opens to roomy storage for snail mail. Each iron-crafted mailbox features a raised retro label and comes in your pick of an antique nickel, bronze or brass finish.

This double-door mailbox came by its spot on our shopping in earnest. The top-rated Mail Boss Street Safe mailbox has more than 1,200 five-star reviews because of its sharp silhouette and top-notch security. This steel-crafted mailbox features dual doors and commercial-grade locks to keep your correspondence out of reach.

This traditional white mailbox will never go out of style. The comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to up your curb appeal on a Saturday afternoon: a post sleeve, mounting bracket, hardware and mailbox for stress-free installation. Surround the snowy mailbox with fluffy limelight hydrangeas for a classic appeal or plant some perky pink petunias for a kick of color.

Mail vaults offer an added measure of security. The postal worker delivers envelopes (or small packages if the vault opening is large enough) through a slot, and they fall into a locked steel box. The owner can then retrieve the mail using a key or a digital code to unlock the box. Like other mailboxes, if you install a mail vault at the curb, it must meet USPS height and setback requirements.

While mailboxes come in various sizes, some dimensions are more common than others, and community restrictions may apply. Check with your local building authority or homeowners association (HOA) before buying.

On a busy street, stepping into the street to retrieve your mail from the box might put you (or passing motorists) at risk. If this is the case, consider installing a rear-open mailbox that allows you to open the box from the back to access your mail. If mail theft is a problem in your neighborhood, you might also want to consider installing a vault-type box so no one but you can access the contents.

Selected for its security and durability, the Polar Aurora is our first choice for mailboxes. This lockable cast aluminum mailbox comes in a variety of colors, with two keys and all the appropriate hardware for installation (note that it must be affixed to a concrete floor). Alternatively, the Gibraltar wall-mounted mailbox comes with the same lockability at a more affordable price. This galvanized steel mailbox has a lift-open flap, can fit most large envelopes, and is durable enough for all seasons.

The right mailbox can provide security, durability, and ease of use, which is why the above list includes a wide variety of styles and constructions for your preferences. Selections for the best mailboxes depended upon materials used, ease of assembly/installation, and security.

Some mailboxes also include red flags for outgoing mail, anti-pry doors and locks, and rubber hardware for waterproofing. Many of the top picks also come in multiple colorways or designs to match surrounding outdoor decor.

Of all the items one can shop for, buying a mailbox may seem about as exciting as waiting in line at the post office. But choosing the right box is more than a chore--it can make all the difference in your mail delivery speed and reliability. Whether your home needs a new mailbox or you must buy one for your business, Budget Mailboxes helps you make the right choice every time.

Just as you wouldn't buy shoes from a grocer or clothes from a butcher, a mailbox purchase should be from a place specializing in mailboxes. Although they may have other products, their emphasis is on a single product type, which means you have more options when it comes to size and categories.

If this is your first mailbox purchase, the place you buy from, and the customer service you receive make a difference in your shopping experience. Big box stores may have several products, but they do not specialize in mailboxes. If you have questions regarding box installation, style, mailbox size, and security options for mail voting, you're on your own. 041b061a72


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