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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)


Not Looking For A Tutor.mp4 !NEW!

If I try loading one of your video files directly, for example in a browser with a cleared cache, it takes a long time to get the video to load in Chrome and Firefox and it never seems to load in Safari. But if I try to load the video without https it works fine.

Not Looking for a Tutor.mp4

Vimeo is another popular video hosting platform that is a little different than others. While YouTube and other popular platforms cater for the social users, Vimeo is known to offer specific features for professionals. It is the go to solution for video professionals. There are no ads. Customizable video embeds make it the perfect choice for website owners who are looking to add videos to their web pages.

Wistia is little more than just a video hosting platform. They like to call themselves a video marketing platform and they live up to their name. Along with the option to host your videos, you will also get the system to add CTA right within the videos themselves to capture leads. Wistia caters to mainly those who are looking for a data-driven approach for their hosted videos.

If you are looking to add videos from sources such as Dailymotion, Facebook, Jetpack, Wistia, vooPlayer, etc. you can use the embed option of adding videos to your course. Copy and paste the embed code from the platform you are using to host your videos. After you have added it, update the course and the video will be added to your course.

We stopped at The Amp and we walked onto the stage, looking up the hill at the seats and open grass where 2,000 concertgoers sit for a variety of country and rock concerts. The Tasting Room and Distillery sit atop the peak of the hill, towered over by the iconic water tower.

Similary peripatetic, Tôi quên rôi! (I forgot!) rambles through the neighborhoods, supermarkets, and street bars of Hanoi, Vietnam, following the main character Trung and his friends. The film begins underwater, off the coast of Vietnam and ends high up in the sky overlooking a desolate suburban landscape of unfinished, empty homes. As the film unfolds it presents a slow and gradual ascent, an intentional shift of position and point of view. In comparison, Pude ver un Puma (Could see a Puma) is distinguished by downward movement from start to finish. In this film, a group of young men descend from rooftops to traverse and explore a deserted and devasted landscape until they suddenly disappear, seemingly swallowed by the earth.

"My tutor was very helpful as I prepared for the math section of the GRE. I had previously taken the exam and scored low in the Quantitative section. I was looking to feel more comfortable and confident with the concepts covered in this section of the exam and my test-taking strategies to obtain a higher score...My tutor was easy to communicate with and adapted to my learning process very well. Every session was productive and I always left with a readiness to tackle another "mission" before our next meeting. In between sessions, the tutor was quick to provide great resources I could use for self-study. My tutor's supportive, yet challenging tutoring style left me feeling far more confident and prepared to re-take the exam."

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