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Play Roblox on PC: Download Link and Tips for Beginners

Link Download Roblox PC: How to Play Roblox on Your Computer

If you are looking for a way to play Roblox on your computer, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and run Roblox on your PC. But first, let's find out what Roblox is and why you should play it on your computer.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform that allows you to create and play games with millions of other users around the world. You can make your own games using the Roblox Studio, or join games made by other users. You can also customize your avatar, chat with friends, join groups, and earn virtual currency called Robux.

link download roblox pc

A platform for creating and playing games

Roblox is not just a game, but a platform where you can unleash your creativity and imagination. You can use the Roblox Studio, a powerful tool that lets you design and code your own games using Lua scripting language. You can also use pre-made assets, models, and templates from the Roblox library. You can make any kind of game you want, from racing, shooting, role-playing, to simulation, puzzle, and more.

A community of millions of users

Roblox is also a community where you can meet and interact with millions of other users who share your interests. You can join games made by other users and play together, or chat with them using voice or text. You can also join groups, follow your favorite creators, and send messages to your friends. You can also participate in events, contests, and challenges hosted by Roblox or other users.

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A source of endless entertainment

Roblox is a source of endless entertainment where you can always find something new and fun to do. You can explore thousands of games across different genres and categories, from popular ones like Adopt Me, Jailbreak, MeepCity, to hidden gems like Piggy, Tower of Hell, Arsenal, and more. You can also create your own games and share them with the world, or play games made by other users and give them feedback. You can also earn Robux by creating games or selling items, which you can use to buy more items for your avatar or games.

Why play Roblox on PC?

While you can play Roblox on various devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, consoles, and VR headsets, playing it on PC has some advantages that you might want to consider. Here are some of them:

Better graphics and performance

Playing Roblox on PC allows you to enjoy better graphics and performance than playing it on other devices. You can adjust the graphics settings to suit your preferences and hardware capabilities. You can also experience smoother gameplay with higher frame rates and less lag. You can also play games that require more processing power or memory than other devices.

More control options

Playing Roblox on PC also gives you more control options than playing it on other devices. You can use the keyboard and mouse to control your avatar and interact with the game environment. You can also use a gamepad or a joystick if you prefer. You can also customize the key bindings and mouse sensitivity to suit your style.

Access to exclusive features

Playing Roblox on PC also gives you access to some features that are exclusive to PC users. For example, you can use the Roblox Studio to create and edit your own games or edit games made by other users. You can also use the Developer Console to access advanced features and debug your games. You can also use the Screen Recorder to capture your gameplay and share it with others.

How to download Roblox on PC?

Now that you know the benefits of playing Roblox on PC, you might be wondering how to download it on your computer. There are three main ways to do so:

From the official website

The easiest and safest way to download Roblox on PC is from the official website. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to and click on the Download button.

  • Choose your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and click on the Download Now button.

  • Save the file to your computer and run it once it is downloaded.

From the Microsoft Store

If you are using Windows 10, you can also download Roblox from the Microsoft Store. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to and click on the Get button.

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account if you are not already logged in.

  • Click on the Install button and wait for the download to finish.

From other sources

You can also download Roblox from other sources, such as third-party websites or torrents. However, this is not recommended, as you might risk downloading malware, viruses, or corrupted files that could harm your computer or compromise your account. Always download Roblox from trusted sources and scan the files with an antivirus before running them.

How to install and run Roblox on PC?

Once you have downloaded Roblox on your PC, you need to install and run it. Here are the steps to follow:

Follow the instructions on the screen

When you run the downloaded file, you will see a window with instructions on how to install Roblox on your PC. Follow them carefully and agree to the terms and conditions. The installation process should take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed and computer specifications.

Create or log in to your account

After the installation is complete, you will need to create or log in to your Roblox account. If you already have an account, you can enter your username and password and click on Log In. If you don't have an account, you can click on Sign Up and fill in the required information. You will also need to verify your email address and phone number.

Start exploring and creating games

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and run Roblox on your PC. Now you can start exploring and creating games with millions of other users. You can browse games by genre, popularity, or recommendation, or search for specific games by name or keyword. You can also access the Roblox Studio from the Start Menu or Desktop shortcut and start making your own games. You can also join groups, chat with friends, customize your avatar, and earn Robux.


In this article, we have shown you how to download, install, and run Roblox on your PC. We have also explained what Roblox is and why you should play it on your computer. We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does Roblox cost?

  • A: Roblox is free to download and play. However, some games may require Robux to access certain features or items. You can buy Robux with real money or earn them by creating games or selling items.

  • Q: Is Roblox safe for kids?

  • A: Roblox is designed for users of all ages, but it is especially popular among kids and teens. Roblox has various safety features and settings that allow parents and guardians to monitor and control their children's activity and interactions on the platform. For more information, please visit .

  • Q: How do I update Roblox on PC?

  • A: Roblox usually updates automatically on PC. However, if you encounter any issues or errors, you can manually update Roblox by following these steps:

  • Go to and click on the Download button.

  • Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Restart your computer and launch Roblox again.

  • Q: How do I uninstall Roblox on PC?

  • A: If you want to uninstall Roblox on PC, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Go to the Start Menu and click on Settings.

  • Click on Apps and find Roblox in the list.

  • Click on Roblox and then click on Uninstall.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and confirm your decision.

  • Q: How do I contact Roblox support?

A: If you need any help or assistance with Roblox,


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