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Creo Preps 5.0.3 Free Download

Creo preps 5.0.3 free download

Creo, the 3D CAD software from PTC, is preparing to release its latest version, Creo 5.0.3, which will bring new features and enhancements to the product development process. Creo users can expect to see improvements in modeling and design, simulation, manufacturing, and productivity with collaboration tools.


What's new in Creo 5.0.3?

According to PTC, Creo 5.0.3 focuses on four major themes: Modeling and Design, Simulation, Manufacturing, and Productivity Improvements with Collaboration enhancements. Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

  • Modeling and Design: Creo 5.0.3 introduces Topology Optimization, a new technology that allows users to create optimized shapes directly on Creo geometry based on objectives and constraints. This can help save time and boost innovation by generating optimal designs for weight, performance, cost, and sustainability. Creo 5.0.3 also supports accurate 3D geometric representations for parts machined with cutting tools instead of 2D sweep approximations. This can improve the quality and accuracy of the design and manufacturing process.

  • Simulation: Creo 5.0.3 adds the ability to evaluate how liquids and gases flow past your model with the new Creo Flow Analysis packages. These packages offer a complete set of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools that are intended not just for expert analysts, but for everyday design engineers as well. Users can perform flow analysis in Creo without the need for external software or data translation.

  • Manufacturing: Creo 5.0.3 further extends its capabilities for additive manufacturing and mold machining. The new Creo Additive Manufacturing Plus Extension for Materialise extends Creos additive manufacturing capabilities to the Materialise library of 3D printers, including the ability to generate and customize the support structures needed for metal printing. Users can also access printer profiles and direct print to some 70% of metal printers on the market. For mold machining, Creo 5.0.3 introduces the Creo Mold Machining Extension, which provides high-speed sequences for one-off and low-volume designs such as molds, tools, electrodes, and dies. Users can benefit from faster computation and easier tool path creation with this extension.

  • Productivity Improvements with Collaboration enhancements: Creo 5.0.3 also adds enhancements aimed at improving productivity and collaboration among users. For example, users can easily select multiple regions in a drawing, reuse a sketch to create more than one feature, and create complex geometry faster than ever. Users can also collaborate more effectively with augmented reality (AR) tools that allow them to share their designs with stakeholders in real time.

How to download Creo 5.0.3?

To download and install Creo 5.0.3, users will need a PTC account to enter the eSupport Portal. Users will also need to provide one of the following numbers: their Service Contract Number (SCN), their Sales Order Number (SON), or their Site Number. These numbers can be found in the software order fulfillment email that PTC sends after the purchase is complete. If users cannot find the information they need, they can contact their sales rep or renewals.

To complete the Creo installation, users will need to follow these steps:

  • Download the Software Installer from the PTC Software Download webpage.

  • Download License Files, which are retrievable from the PTC Installation Assistant or PTC License Management Web tools via email request.

  • Apply PTC Licenses to License Managers.

  • Finish the installation of the software.

For more detailed installation steps, users can visit the [Creo Installation Central Resource Page], which provides information about installing and upgrading Creo that relates to different situations. Users can also find information about silent installation and mass deployment, monitoring silent installations, and silent un-installations for larger customers. Additionally, users can learn about desktop virtualization options for Creo, such as using Citrix for virtual desktops.


Creo 5.0.3 is the latest version of the 3D CAD software from PTC that offers new features and enhancements to improve and accelerate the product development process. Users can expect to see advances in modeling and design, simulation, manufacturing, and productivity with collaboration tools. Users can download and install Creo 5.0.3 from the eSupport Portal with a PTC account and the required numbers. Users can also find more information about the installation process and the system requirements on the Creo Installation Central Resource Page.


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