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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)


[S1E6] This Little Piggy

The A.V. Club's Kevin McFarland gave the episode a "B+" grade and wrote, "'Three Bad Wolves' was the fourth episode of Grimm in production order, so the fact that it was airing sixth made me a little nervous. I thought we wouldn't be getting much in terms of backstory, and pushing this hour back in the schedule isn't exactly a vote of confidence. Still, I couldn't help but feel optimistic, because all the previews featured Eddie Monroe and a murderous family feud between the Blutbaden and the Bowerswine, an unexpectedly clever take on 'The Three Little Pigs' tale. Instead of a weaker hour, this was perhaps the best episode of Grimm thus far, managing to bring some of the disparate unnecessary elements of the show into the central plot, a case of the week that included new characters and created a stronger bond between Nick and Eddie."[3]

[S1E6] This Little Piggy

Nick McHatton from TV Fanatic, gave a 4.2 star rating out of 5, stating: "Finally! The Grimm Gods have bestowed us with an Eddie-centric episode in 'The Three Bad Wolves.' It certainly wasn't a disappointment, either, shining a spotlight on this character with very little need to deviate from the case of the week with unnecessary distractions. When the storytelling can layer this much in a procedural case, it gives me hope that the questions I'm asking will eventually get answered."[5]

Daemon Targaryen played a relatively minor role in this episode. His storyline with Laena felt rushed -- her death was confronting, and a little abrupt. But now Daemon's wife is gone, as is the father of Rhaenyra's children. That opens the two Targaryens up to potentially link up, especially now that Rhaenyra has made a home in Dragonstone.

This Little Piggy (a.k.a. Let's Try Sharing) is the 18th overall episode of The Big Comfy Couch. In this episode, Loonette becomes greedy because she was amazed to find out how many coins were in her piggy bank.

At the dance, Morty uses the serum on Jessica, and, save for her dilated pupils, it seems to be a success. When Brad sees Jessica holding Morty, he becomes angry and tries to wrestle him away from her. Things only get worse when Jessica begins to sneeze. The serum, which has piggy-backed onto the flu virus and has caused the virus to replicate in seconds, is seen to go airborne, infects Brad with the serum. Brad quickly apologizes to Morty but begins to make sexual advances on Morty which leads to another scuffle between Jessica and Brad. Eventually Principal Vagina leads Brad away, while Brad sneezes causing the serum laced flu virus to enter the fruit punch and air vents. Soon everyone at the dance is infected with the flu and subsequently the serum. Morty prays that everything go according to plan, when Jessica starts aggressively telling Morty to have sex with her on the spot, in front of the entire school. Morty is unsurprisingly mortified and Jessica's friend tells her to control herself, before she begins to make advances on Morty as well. Morty slowly backs up and notices that everyone in the room now has dilated pupils and they're all looking at him lustfully. Realizing what has happened with dread, Morty feebly whimpers, "Oh, crap!". The students and faculty swarm around Morty, with each of them violently competing to have Morty for themselves. Morty eventually manages to get away from everyone and makes a break for the exit where Rick is waiting for him. Rick tells Morty that he realized that he messed up and explains how this all happened. Terrified, Morty asks Rick what they're going to do and Rick tells him that he's already whipped up an antidote using praying mantis DNA as the base, claiming that they're the, "opposite of voles" due to their nature to only mate once before the female devours the male.

Tulip was kept away from the madness this week, instead veering slightly from character by raging at Emily about Jesse before finding common ground. Would she really be jealous of his connection with Emily? We suppose given his claims to have changed, but it's a bit rich coming from the woman who was having sex (though showing little emotion doing it) with Cassidy in a car just last week. That we can see as something to get under Jesse's skin, even if she's yet to tell him. This... feels like finding something for her to do in the episode and setting up that momentary farce with Cassidy in the cupboard. 041b061a72


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